The Fearless Mama

Sometimes life gets in the way of this mama homeschooler (like getting my Master's degree, protesting Oregon's government overreach or – oh yeah – homeschooling!) That said, speaking of being fearless –– here in Oregon we're currently battling the House Bill 3603 taking away medical freedom, bodily autonomy and parental consent through government-mandated childhood vaccinations. … Continue reading The Fearless Mama

How Homeschooling Helps Our Kids Live Authentically

I'm feeling rather passionate today... Each year we learn so many new things about our children, don't we? For us, our first child loves math, puzzles, logic, theology, entrepreneurship, photography, reading, writing and drawing books and creating games. Our second child loves working with her hands and loves storytelling, arts and crafts, nature, animals, bugs, … Continue reading How Homeschooling Helps Our Kids Live Authentically