Heroes & Hope: the new Simple Studies

“Every day, every hour, the parents are either passively or actively forming those habits in their children upon which, more than upon anything else, future character and conduct depend.”

– Charlotte Mason

This weekend over on Instagram I launched my new Simple Studies: HEROES & HOPE – A Charlotte Mason Instructor Guide for K-6 students & Coloring Book.

Heroes aren’t always flashy. They’re not always the bravest or even the wisest. However, they all have one thing in common: They choose to do the right thing when others are tempted to do the opposite. And most importantly –– all heroes give us hope.

Isn’t this what we wish for our younger generations? When they face obstacles in life, though they face fear and doubt, we pray they’ll choose to do what is good and true.

Here’s what you can expect from this study:

  1. There are no “superheroes” in these lessons. This is a faith-based study featuring timeless & historical heroes who’ve inspired generations with hope for centuries. 
  2. So many inclusions with this one: A coloring book aligning with each lesson, a massive picture book list with links, and copywork, recipes and other resources. Each lesson takes 10-20 min max.

With Heroes & Hope, instructors read aloud while students cover reading, history, handwriting, narration, art, memorization and critical thinking among other areas of schooling.

I also posted a short video walkthrough of the new curriculum here.

We already started reading through the study with our kids (Kindergarten and 4th grade who both enjoy it despite their age span!) and hope you get the chance to check it out and read along with us!


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Thanks for your time today. I hope you enjoy your week!

With Love.