Simple Studies is Here!

Helloooo there! I hope summer’s treating you well. I’ve been having fun creating an awesome, simple Charlotte Mason K-4 nature study curriculum for our family this fall –– and it’s become so much bigger than anything I ever expected… It’s called Learning North American Animals with Thornton Burgess – A Living Science Handbook for K-4 Students.


We completed our Thornton Burgess Bird Study this past Spring and whew – it was a blast! I then went searching for a similar study based off of The Burgess Animal Book for Children and couldn’t find a good one, and so, decided to create our own and share it with all my friends.

Naturally, since my little blog is named “Simple + Free” my curriculum is just that –– simple and freeing.

Each lesson takes 15 minutes max.

With Learning North American Animals with Thornton Burgess, students will cover science, reading, handwriting, spelling, narration, drawing or art among other areas of schooling. Our goal with this study is not to get children to memorize animals and their habits. Rather, our aim is to encourage our children to form personal relations with God’s beautiful animal creations and give them the opportunity to fall in love with learning more about these lovely, unique creatures.

“The question is not, — how much does the youth know? when he has finished his education — but how much does he care? –– Charlotte Mason, School Education: Developing A Curriculum

Each lesson offers a reading, a prompt for narration and art opportunities along with pre-selected, living picture books for younger audience and ideas for further study for older children.

The important thing to remember is that you control your curriculum – your curriculum should never control you or your homeschool (or your classroom, for that matter). So I specifically designed it for those looking for a simple, flexible way to lay the feast on the beautiful pages of the Burgess Animal Book for Children.

The best part? I created it for our family to use this fall and will be going through it with those of you who decide to use it with your homeschool or classroom as well.

I hope this Simple Study™ blesses many of you looking for a simple way to expose your children to God’s unique animals.


With Love.

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