Minimalism is Just a Word

Yes, we call ourselves minimalists.

Yes we feel we are minimalists.

Yes, we practice minimalism.

But according to the millennial, 20-something nomad, we are not “true” minimalists.

But friends, minimalism is just a word.

Most of us use the word “minimalism” to simply describe our desire and efforts to live intentionally.

With that, minimalism is to be interpreted by each individual and family on their own terms. 

You won’t see our home on minimal design blogs. You won’t see our capsule wardrobe Instagram posts. You won’t see our kitchen countertops on a minimal TV show.

You won’t see our home on any of those mediums because our entire home is dedicated to our current family and homeschool lifestyle.

But we’ll still continue living a minimal (aka: intentional) lifestyle according to our design and encouraging others to do the same.

There are a zillion books, art materials, a morning basket overflowing with handicrafts and curriculum, nature journals, play-dough and multi-sensorial Montessori materials.

And at any given time my home and backyard might look disheveled due to multiple children, including neighbors, playing make-believe or creating mud-pies for hours on end.

And I cannot, for the life of me, keep our kid’s bathroom spotless. I know I’m not the only one who rushes to point new visitors to our guest bathroom – anything but the bathroom in which I have no idea whether the toilet’s been flushed or if you’ll find dried toothpaste dotting the sink and hand towel.


I don’t recreate school at home but instead I never want homeschooling to be a limit to my children’s’ access to good ideas, beautiful books and fantastic materials just because I want to be Ms. Minimal Mom.

For the most part, though, our home is minimal (when picked up, let’s be honest here) – and most importantly, it’s to our standards.

Going back to one of my older posts, the whole reason we “went minimal” was to bring more joy to our lives and open up our time to find God and find ourselves and the passions he’s put into our hearts.

Thus, you could probably just say we “went intentional.”

So while absolutely none of these things I mentioned about us and our home make us less of a minimalist family,

being intentional with our purchases, our time and with our lives as a whole is what makes us a minimalist family.

If we’re being honest, we’re all just seeking an intentional and joy-filled life with meaning and purpose, aren’t we? 

Because again – Minimalism is just a word.

And so, the point is it’s YOUR journey.

Your FAMILY’S journey. No one else’s.

Just know there are no set rules or restrictions when it comes to you or your family’s journey toward minimalism because minimalism is just a word.

Onward, my friends.

With love.

9 thoughts on “Minimalism is Just a Word

  1. autismwithgrace says:

    My goal is just a peaceful home. I want to feel at peace when I look around my home. Clutter drives me bonkers!! I am slowly decluttering and doing a 30 day declutter in October. Also need more organization for what is left. Wonderful post.


  2. Jugaaduwriter says:

    Minimalism to me is not going extravagant or cutting down unnecessary. Defining necessity is each ones prerogative. It need not mean that I am constraint my survival by bare basics.


  3. martianonvenus1 says:

    Great post! This is so true. People also tend to think of minimalism only as it pertains to physical objects. I believe it is so much more, extending well beyond the material and into our motivations, and governing philosophies for much more than just purchases.


  4. Wise Hearted says:

    Enjoyed this post and our explanation of being a minimalism or using the word to fit your family and standards. Living over seas taught me to live simply and with great freedom. Now back in the states with a Walmart on ever corner I don’t have to keep reserves of products since easily available. I do like bulk buying, one thing living overseas taught me. Buy enough toilet paper for a month and I have six months of freedom from even thinking about it. So there are still certain things I still buy in bulk but it is never a waste which is important to me. great post


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