The Quiet Minimalists Empty Their Cart

“God doesn’t call us to a convenient – He calls us to an important life. We aren’t meant for self-gratification, but eternal greatness. And our greatness is giving our lives away.” –– Anonymous 

I am so grateful for fellow friends and bloggers who write or speak about minimalism.

But those living a genuine simple life often don’t have time to talk about it because they’re busy giving their lives away to others.

They see shopping carts, physical and online, as an abyss of their time on earth.

These people know no human physical experience will have the power to fill their soul.

I think of the single mom who never has enough money to buy her children the new toys and tech the neighbors have. And yet, her children grow up to become the most humble, generous individuals in our society.

I think of the elderly couple dealing with deteriorating health who resorts to downsizing to an RV because they prefer to live out the remainder of their days traveling and experiencing life together – not accumulating earthly goods that will eventually fade away with their bodies.

I think of the successful business man who has built his life on wealth and power but one day decides to donate 100% of his proceeds to help build homes for orphans.

I think of the poor widow who gave all she had as an investment into an eternal life.

These are the true, quiet minimalists we should be inspired by. Bloggers like myself have so much further to go, so much more to do in this life. 

“People who are becoming love keep it real about who they are right now, while living in constant anticipation about who God’s helping them become.” – Bob Goff

We aim to live simply. To live minimally.

And we all fail.

We may not be a single mom, elderly (yet) or a successful business man. But if we aim to first love others, living simply and minimally will happen naturally.

If we aim to “store up treasures in heaven,” as Matthew 6:20 says, then we’ll easily stop struggling to consume and spend money on things we really don’t need.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been shopping online and simply deleted the tab after my shopping cart was full. And I felt so much better than checking out.

My goal is to stop filling online shopping carts in the first place and instead fill them (my time) with life and love.

Have you tried emptying your cart of stuff and filling it with life and love?

With Love.





3 thoughts on “The Quiet Minimalists Empty Their Cart

  1. theultimatepsyche says:

    Hey! Great article!

    I literally just googled ‘minimalism’ as I always hear about it, but never really knew what it meant.

    I think you share some interesting thoughts, and I really like the idea behind minimalism! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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