It’s our last week of Less Stuff, More LOVE!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and have found a few tips to integrate into your life. I know it’s been worth it for me to get all this out of my head.

This week I discuss:

How does managing screen time for everyone help create a healthy family?

How does doing any of this help me in my situation?

Most importantly – what can it look like for you and your family to live intentionally, filled with lots of love, every day?


How does managing screen time for everyone help create a healthy family?

Remember in Part 1 of this series when I talked about Parenting Intentionally?

“Parenting intentionally is one step to feeling this peace – the peace that all is well with you and your family. This is the peace you also need to fully invest yourself in whatever work you have in addition to your role as a parent.

One reason kids act out is because they’re striving for your attention and feel you’re withholding it. Attention = love.”

Screen time – movies, iPad’s, phones, video games – all suck the life and energy out of connections and relationships. Obviously, watching a movie and discussing it with your child is on thing. But when turning to screens becomes the norm, we need to step back and re-prioritize our actions.

So what should our ultimate goal be if we want a happy, healthy, LOVING family?

Limit screen time for everyone. (I feel so strongly about this topic my husband and I co-founded Circle with Disney several years ago). 

Then, model the behavior you expect of your kids…

Did you know Silicon Valley Tech startup parents majorly restrict the use of screens for their children? Because they know how addictive, relationship-destructive and imagination–crushing screens can be no matter what your age.

Not sure how this will help your family? Aren’t sure how to create new boundaries?

I challenge you to banish screens at home for a week and see what happens. You and your child’s true feelings come out and there’s nowhere to hide. There’s only one way through it – healing and then re-building confidence and eventually, trust in each other.

Finally, by the end of the week you may feel differently about re-introducing screens. You may decide to get rid of your TV altogether. (Many families I know went through similar experiences and say they’d never go back). 

In my humble opinion, iPads are awesome – for TRAVELING.

But it breaks my heart to see kids walking around on devices 24/7. Literally – it breaks my heart because it’s a cycle and addiction that will carry them through the remainder of their lives.

Screens will NEVER fill their soul.

How does doing any of this help me in my situation?

We’ve talked about simplifying not only your belongings but your calendar and time.
We’ve talked about parenting intentionally.
We’ve talked about taking all the stress and worry out of your life, for good.
We’ve talked about keeping a minimal home atmosphere and limiting screen time.
We’ve talked about how having less helps you love others more.
And we’ve talked about how serving others helps you and your family bond.

But how does doing any of this help you in your situation?


I honestly don’t know. I don’t know you, I don’t know your family and I don’t know what you’re going through. I wish I could know because you’re not supposed to go through life without others alongside you, encouraging you to live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life.

And I can’t say this enough: if you’re a young mom struggling to simply survive, then you’re definitely not alone. There is a mother culture out here that loves you and wants the best for you.

Not all moms out there want to compete with you. We actually crave the village so we can all raise our kids together in a beautful, supportive community.

And since that’s not an option for most of us – this is what we have.

God & Mom blogs. 

That’s all I had when I felt alone.

Seems like a good book title, doesn’t it? “God and Mom Blogs Saved My Life.”

But you have to be patient and know you are 100% in a season that will continue to shift and modify as your children age. Struggles will never disappear but they will alter from the physical form to a more demanding mental form.

Just start making changes, slowly. Start simplifying. Take one of the ideas I laid out and try it. And then, try another. 

And finally,

What can it look like for you and your family to live intentionally, filled with lots of love, every day?

I can tell you this – life is beautiful when we find it within ourselves to push against the norm.

Life is captivating when we listen to God and our intuition.

Life is freeing when we don’t fill it with busyness.

Life is magical when we understand that shopping and alcohol and gossip and running the rat race won’t give us life.

Life is eternal for all of us whether we like it or not. Death isn’t an ending nor anything to be scared of, it’s a continuance of who we’ve decided to become today…

Once we choose to accept we were made in the image of God to love each other here and now and realize it’s only the beginning to a magnificent life beyond what we can visualize – can we be completely free to live intentionally, filled with lots of love,

every day.


Now go and be awesome.

As always,
With Love.


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