Less Stuff, More LOVE – A 4-Part Series

Hey all! If you’re looking for Less Stuff & More Love in your life, then you’ll want to join me on this little 4-part series with helpful tips on how living simply opens you and everyone around you up to experience more LOVE and LIFE right now.

Most people don’t realize how much peace and joy they’ll personally experience when they start minimizing and living simply.

But the best part is seeing how much simplifying your own life brings peace to our loved ones.

Your kids deserve a mom (and dad) who isn’t stressed out.
Your kids deserve someone who lovingly says “yes, I’d love to!” more often than “not right now.”
Your spouse deserves a partner who’s interested in living his or her best life.

If you want to experience not only personal peace, joy and freedom but want your loved ones to as well then you’ll benefit from digging deep and truly finding out a few things about yourself such as:

What does it mean to truly simplify your life?

What does it really mean to parent intentionally?

What would it look like to not stress about the ins and outs of daily life?

What does it mean to have a peaceful, minimal home atmosphere?

What does it meant to simplify your calendar so you have more time to do what you love?

How does having less help you live and love others more?

How does serving others help your family bond?

How does managing screen time for everyone help create a healthy family?

How does doing any of this help me in my situation?

Most importantly – what can it look like for YOU and your FAMILY to live intentionally, filled with lots of love, every day?

I realize we’re heading into fall and you may not be up for re-evaluating your life right now.

But I can say the most transformative times in my life have been in the summer – when I’m up for anything that breaks the mold. When going on adventures sounds way more exciting than being a couch potato because I have vitamin D coursing through my blood.

If that sounds like you too then don’t miss the three more emails (one each week) from this series by following my blog…

You guys, this isn’t a class. It’s not even a seminar or things you have to do.

They’re just little tips to help you find the breath you’ve been looking for since your kids were born.

I look forward to have you join me in this little journey… You’re meant to live this life with joy, fullness, excitement and desire! And I know how little ones can often suck the desire from just wanting to take a shower, answer the phone or even just step out to get your mail.

I’ve been there… and I crawled out with God’s help who led me on this path toward simplifying my life.

Now, if you’re looking for more space, time and money to passionately love others without pause and live the life you dream about – this will help you refine your goals to do just this. Stop buying and organizing stuff you don’t need.

Start spending more time loving and living…

We plan on traveling quite a bit in the coming months. I still have to plan for this coming homeschool year.

But planning and working will never get in the way of loving my husband and kids. Because living fully doesn’t mean ignoring what’s most important right now so you can focus on tomorrow.

I’ll help break down how you how to find time to do the things that matter most first and still have time to do all the things you need to do.

So… what does it mean to YOU to have Less Stuff & Love More?

Even if you only find one helpful tool in the next three emails, I promise it’ll be worth it.

I’m looking forward to coming alongside you.

With Love.


If you’re looking for a more Minimal Homeschool this coming year, check out my
Simple + Free Minimal Homeschool Guide. 100% of the proceeds go to my non-profit donating new books to children enduring hardship – Broken to Brave. Thank you for your support!

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