Traveling the Globe, Together

We’re officially planning a massive trip around the world. (eeek!) (Yay!) (AAHHH!)

It’s no secret our family intentionally seeks a simple, minimal way of life so we can all follow our dreams. And now we’ve come to understand much of these lifestyle habits have whet our appetite for more experiences and thus led to our desire and ability to travel more together.

We’ll be documenting our travels from start to finish because I’ve loved hearing other families doing the same (and hopefully we can accomplish this without disrupting our sweet, slow way of life). My husband Kyle and I will also be launching a podcast this summer so anyone vaguely interested in our journey can peer into our lives behind the scenes while we plan, make mistakes, laugh at ourselves, argue, try new things and world-school our kids.

Our ultimate goal is to share how we travel in a simple, minimal way, freeing us up to truly enjoy life, relish our time together and serve others during our time abroad.

How are we able to travel for months at a time?

Well, first God has blessed us immensely. I mean, we definitely don’t deserve to do this more than the next family and are eternally grateful for the opportunity. Secondly, we’re entrepreneurs – we can generally work wherever there’s an internet connection. Thirdly, we homeschool which means we dictate our own schedule.

Finally, Why not just do it? We’ve envisioned experiencing the world with our kids instead of just talking or reading about it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into other folks who’ve said “Oh someday I’d love to do that.” Or “Wow, I wish we could do that.” But guys, there are multiple ways ANYONE can make this happen. You can be single, married, working full time, part time, you can have 7 kids (yes families exist who travel the globe with 7 kids!)

If it’s something you feel you’re meant to do, then what’s holding you back?

That said, every person and family’s calling looks different. I have a good friend who has zero desire to travel with her young family. Instead she joyfully serves others in her city, never venturing out of the state. I absolutely love her willingness to obey God in the specific way He has called her.

For some reason, He put it on our hearts to travel while our children are still relatively young (ages 4 and 8). We do homeschool making this not only an enticing opportunity to learn directly from our experiences but also a very important opportunity as our children will hopefully garner so many life-long memories and advantages from visiting other cultures and historical, beautiful places around the world.

Personally, it’s on my heart to serve others in need wherever we visit.

And yes, I’m totally open to suggestions… our kids will undoubtedly be joining in these efforts if they choose.

So if you know of any organizations, schools, orphanages, groups, ministries or other places/people in need specifically in New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland and Iceland,* please let us know. We’ll be making a couple other stops in between these locations but otherwise plan on spending the majority of our time in these countries.

We’re using to begin researching flights and aiming for January 2019 (we love autumn and don’t wan to miss the holidays with family in the Pacific Northwest). We know at this point it will take us a few months to be able to go where we want without rushing through each place.

I also have some other amazing resources and inspiring women traveling with their families in which I’ll share with you down the road. Who knows, maybe we’ll talk to or run into a few of them along the way.

We hope you keep up with us on our journey… we’d also love any feedback or ideas anyone has as we venture out.

Stay updated by following the blog (the one you’re on right now 🙂 – you’ll get notified when I post a new article) or on Instagram. (Sorry folks, not a fan of using Facebook so that’s a no go). Podcast info coming soon and that should be a hoot. My husband is amped and ready to rock that portion of our travel documentation.

We’re also always open to prayer while we plan, travel and hopefully bring the simple gift of God’s love to others along the way.

And we’re OFF to Neverland!

With Love.


“Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near.” ― Paulo Coelho, Aleph


*These countries represent a rough plan 6 months ahead of time. If any of you have ever traveled you know plans often change! 

7 thoughts on “Traveling the Globe, Together

  1. amykrohn says:

    Sounds exciting! I recently read a book called One Year Off by David Elliot Cohen, and his family did something similar. Definitely read it if you haven’t already!


  2. Marla Miner Christensen says:

    Looking forward to watching this adventure unfold! Prayers for your planning, success, and safety will be with you!


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