Transform Your Daily Mundane

Let’s be honest: changing diapers, scrubbing toilets, wiping snotty faces and dirty bums, picking up toys, laundry, and spending countless minutes pulling slivers out of little bare feet – often doesn’t feel monumental let alone like “God’s work.” But it IS!

And Kari Patterson reveals in her new book, Sacred Mundane: How to find Freedom, Purpose, and Joy, how these small, daily actions are not only exceptional and significant but also sacred.

Disclaimer: I was gifted an advanced reading copy of the book “Sacred Mundane: How to find Freedom, Purpose and Joy” in exchange for an honest review. Post contains NO affiliate links. 

In her book (from which she’s donating 100% of the proceeds), Kari eloquently and immediately gets to the point and brings you to tears  – how would you simmer your life down to one sentence? Okay, okay, if you read the book you’ll understand why it brought me to tears!

She bares her honest feelings of frustration, like most of us that she “wanted to please God, but the reality was that life was about 2 percent holy high and 98 percent ordinary, irritating, boring stuff.” And it’s true, we feel the 98 percent often defines who we are…

But Kari says, “The temptation is to believe the lie that in order to walk in greatness we must ditch the binding shackles of domestic work or dreary duties and push our way into higher realms. We’ve missed the point that ALL of life is sacred.”

So ALL you do is worthy – Yes, YOU mamas who don’t see the light of day for months because you’re nursing twins, keeping a clean house, sleeping in hour chunks in a neck-wrenching position and sacrificing even the simplest pleasures (like showers, using the restroom in peace, having a warm cup of coffee…).

But how do we find absolute joy in doing these mundane tasks over and over and over again until we’re blue in the face and ready to hitchhike far, far away?

For moms stuck in the thick of it, Sacred Mundane gives renewal and hope that not everything we do is not simply a matter of life but there is sanctification through our daily struggles, no matter how silly or lowly they may seem.

But realizing and living in this truth takes transformation…

You see, her words – rather, God speaking through Kari – makes you want to develop a relationship with Him, whether you already have one or not.

She tells us not to mess around because our lives, folks, are no joke. There is eternal life beyond our world and she tells us our small, intentional moments are often more valuable than large sweeping gestures.

Regardless, “it’s impossible to walk by faith and live safe,” says Kari.

So transformation needs to happen in order to feel freedom but how do we transform so we can see clearly how joyful the mundane really can be?

Well, first, buy the book. I kid you not. It’s that good, guys. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in record time.

Otherwise, transformation comes only after this (and here’s where I’ll insert our shameless plug for eternal life) Asking Jesus into your heart When we realize we can’t handle life alone, Kari’s book then helps you move beyond your feelings of inadequacy and breaks through the lie that daily life is insignificant or menial at best.

You may then wonder after mopping up messes and picking up toys – is this to be my life Lord? “YES!” He says, because I see you doing it to please me… 

And Kari doesn’t mess around. In order to move through our days joyfully, with purpose and with a sense of freedom we must see clearly which only comes from studying God’s word and letting His word “interpret” us, not the other way around.

She then tells us we must deal DAILY with our heart’s idols – and don’t kid yourself, these modern idols effect all of us. The way she accurately describes these real-life idols made total sense to me. And then she nails it here:

“True hope in God grows in the gnarly garden of thwarted expectations,” she says in one of my favorite chapters.

We all have expectations, especially after praying for good outcomes – outcomes we feel may even benefit others at our expense – and yet Kari shows us how to shift this habitual cycle where we set up ideas in our heads only to be disappointed (many of us daily) by these expectations.

Because God hasn’t been testing us – we’ve been trying to test Him.

My entire life up to this point has been revolved around being admired, acceptable, a leader even. The truth comes out when you read this book… But Kari encourages us all to take away our excuses for hiding behind our mess.

“He {Jesus} can make masterpieces out of our messes.”

I encourage you to allow Kari to help you work through your mess. Her book offers practical advice, nuggets of guidance, pictograms and a bible study to boot.

But life’s hard. I get it… I totally get it.

Every day can sometimes feel like a struggle whether you work full time, are at home with littles all day or are on a mission trip swatting away flies. But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way! And Kari explains why.

Now a seasoned homeschool mom once told me every time she had to stoop down to pick up something off the floor she’d say “Thank You God.” Her humble praise led me to believe gratefulness helps make the mundane joyful. Sacred Mundane, however, takes this thought one step further – that these small acts are not only opportunities to pause but opportunities to be spiritually transformed!

In the end, “If God’s pleasure is our goal, then all of life becomes significant,” Kari writes.

Did you hear her? ALL OF LIFE IS SIGNIFICANT. This includes our everyday moments behind closed doors, mamas, whether we choose to see it this way or not will now be up to us.

Now, I can’t write this review honestly without a little critiquing. I do disagree with Kari on one issue: she says she isn’t brilliant. But with God’s discerning voice speaking through her – speaking directly to our hearts as tired, worn out women looking for truth – He convinced me he RESIDES in her mind and her heart and therefore, she is as wise as they come and her book is a brilliant addition to titles that will hopefully fill thousands of hungry souls with truth and clarity in our mucky, confusing world.

I know, I know… You could see right through that “critique.” Truth be told, Kari has become a sweet friend, perhaps even a secret mentor of mine this past year. We both homeschool our kids. She didn’t always love the mundane (backstory in her book) but thankfully God had other plans for her – and she’s now sharing those visions of truth with us in her book, in which I’m eternally grateful for.

Don’t wait – Get your hands on a copy of Sacred Mundane: Finding Freedom, Purpose, and Joy if you too want to be transformed.

I pray you found this review helpful.

With Love.

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