The Freedom of Maintaining Less Stuff

You’ve probably noticed it takes time to update software on your new computer, to wash your (or your child’s) massive laundry pile, to organize your cluttered closets, to read about how to use, clean, upgrade and store your newest insert latest gadget here.

Simply put: it already takes an awful lot of time to maintain what we own – so why do we keep purchasing more things only to add to this burden?

Because we think these things will simplify our lives.

Reality check: They generally don’t.

My new watch should make it simpler for me to work out (just go outside and run). That new kitchen appliance will make it easier for me to bake that perfect cake (a bowl and spoon should do). This new toy is aimed to keep my child occupied for at least 10 minutes (or we could read together).

And at what cost do we continue to add to our pile of products? The cost isn’t necessarily the money – considering most of us continue to make more of it every day.

It costs us time and energy we could be spending in a more meaningful-to-us way.

That is, precious minutes doing things we actually enjoy like reading, playing music, perfecting a creative endeavor, hiking, or spending time with loved ones.

So before you purchase that next “oh my goodness that looks amazing there’s no way I could live without it – it would make my life SO much easier!” thing, consider the time it’ll take to purchase, unwrap, learn about, maintain, clean, store, use, troubleshoot, use again, stare at for an undetermined about of time, teach others how to use, upgrade, continue to clean/upgrade/store/use – while the cycle repeats itself – or consider the mental burden you’ll carry knowing that thing is just cluttering your kitchen counter/shelf/desk for a long period of time unused.

Nothing gained –
but time, money and energy drained.

Obviously, our modern world offers its benefits: A car gets you from point A to B. Your computer helps you get work done. A refrigerator keeps your food cool so you don’t die from some strange bacteria.

We just have to do better at keeping life simple in the simplest terms.

Because we all deserve a life with less worry about how to maintain the things we purchase and instead, the freedom knowing we didn’t purchase stuff we didn’t need in the first place.

With Love.

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