20 Homeschooling Family Perks

Here’s a collective list that’s been piling up in my brain since we began homeschooling this year. Since we are blessed enough to get to Christian Unschool our kids, I’ve happily discovered we frequently get the opportunity to:

Hug our kids and tell them we love them a million times a day;

Let them play make-believe well past breakfast;

Discuss God and His role in our lives – and the world – as often as they ask;

Turn up the music, sing at the top of our lungs and bang on the drums no matter what time of day it is (often before our neighbors are probably awake);

Go hiking, paint, read or play games all day if we please;

Spend time in our garden planting, harvesting and learning about where food comes from;

Have long family breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and pray at each gathering;

Not have to rush through homework, errands, extracurricular activities and rush hour – as all these things are done on our own time, during non-crazy-busy times;

Throw out all our to-do lists (and I was the list-maker);

Help our kids learn based on their passions, not based on other’s expectations;

Dream, plan, do… and watch those dreams come alive;

Discover amazing facts about this world together;

Ask questions all day, about everything, to anyone, anywhere we go;

Enjoy watching our kids learn and discover the world we live in, and their place in it;

Watch them develop an unbreakable bond while becoming friends for life;

Enjoy homeschooling perks, discounts and dedicated time-slots at local attractions and activities;

Have zero agendas yet fall asleep exhausted and fulfilled at the end of each day;

Feel heard, loved and understood in a safe environment, no matter what;

Go to the mountains/beach/wherever, whenever we want!

and meet so many other amazing, happy and free families doing exactly what we’re doing.

What ways has life changed for you and your family since you started homeschooling?

As always,
In His Love.

2 thoughts on “20 Homeschooling Family Perks

  1. Kathryn says:

    I am here reading some of your older posts. Love this list! Great reminders to appreciate all the blessings of homeschooling.


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