Living on the Bright Side

Having two kids under 6 is super stressful. And when you add a home-based business, homeschooling (aka everyone spending max amount of time together in a small space) and how one of these two kids doesn’t sleep well, then we have a recipe for what could be a disastrous home atmosphere.

But God doesn’t allow difficult circumstances to trip you up in life, hindering relationships or frustrating you but instead to help you learn, grow and thrive.

Oftentimes I like to think my life would be (almost) perfect if small things in my life would alter; if time passes and the kids get a bit older we could do more things (and maybe sleep more); if finances were a little less stringent we wouldn’t have to budget; or if we lived in the country we could have carefree afternoons on our land, barefoot and eating watermelon in a field of wildflowers, ending our days overlooking the mountains (or ocean) with a campfire under the stars.

Things will change. Some things will get better – the kids will get older but challenges will modify with different ages; we may make more money in the near future thanks to a few business ventures but with more money comes more responsibility; and if we ever get the land we dream of it’s something we’ll have to tend to, along with any livestock.

My life could always be extremely worse – I get this. I’m the one who dishes out this statement to those complaining about life. But I’m not here to complain about it. I’m here to say the way we look at our life dramatically reflects how to live the best life if we simply see it that way.

“Examine your life for wrong attitudes, actions, and words toward others. Are people or circumstances the biggest problem, or is your biggest problem how you are responding to the opportunities that God is giving you so your character will grow?” – Jackie Wellwood

And when we look at our lives and the big picture – maybe simply where we’re all headed in the end – then nothing seems so out of place. The disagreements. The bills. The sibling squabbles. The illnesses. All the ups and downs life throws at us… they’re all there to help us get to where we’re ultimately supposed to go.

So when it all seems to get overwhelming, at least I know there’s a purpose behind everything I’m feeling. Everything I’m working toward. Everything He’s doing in me.

Even I can be thankful and grateful for that.

In His Love.

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