Real Learning + The Future

The future always seems to occupy a large part of our brain.

And whether we believe in fate or God’s timing or simply the law of nature, pondering our child’s future is something no parent can escape.

That’s when, as a homeschooling parent, I get excited. I get excited knowing our children have the space to grow as independent individuals – with no peer pressures to conform, no instructor’s re-directional pursuit of perfect test scores, and definitely no pressure but the natural self motivation stirring inside each child to better themselves in his or her craft.

Because, one thing I am certain of, if my children are to compete in our mad world and it’s future they will only do so after they’ve mastered the knowledge important to their unique interests.

How will they do this? By naturally investing their time in real learning.

What do I feel real learning is?

Real learning happens when someone is passionate about something (not necessarily a prescribed, labeled subject).

Real learning happens when someone’s able to soak it all in due to natural curiousity.

Real learning happens with the ability to go deeper into something you’re interested in for an undetermined amount of time and not be told “we’ve the end of this idea and now we’re moving on to the next.”

Real learning happens when you experience the real world, every day. (shocker, I know).

Real learning happens when no boundaries exist…

I want my children to experience the joy of the critical thinking that seeps out of deep-rooted exploration of the things they’re interested in without society’s confines and push and pull for their attention elsewhere.

And since no one really knows what our future holds, our children innately do. They were built that way. They were created in God’s image which means they intuitively know how they’re supposed to work with their community. They know what their bodies need to do. They know, guided by the Holy Spirit, how they’re supposed to spend the majority, if not all of their time here on Earth.

A few things I feel are certain about our future – our children will need to know how to be:

1) Adaptable – mainly in regards to technology and life-skill modifications and needs
2) Limitless – knowing they have the power to make a difference in our vast world
3) Self-Empowering – motivated to learn anything and everything, regardless of risks
4) In Touch – with who they are as a human being and who God created them to be.
5) Steadfast – never giving up because too many people in life will already have done just that.

And finally,

6) Fearless – Never caring what others think of them and giving their all when it counts because nothing matters more than your work for God and His Kingdom.

Oh, and I don’t mean they need to feel these things…

I mean they need to be these things.

Unschooled kids are gifted with the freedom they already deserve by the adults who love them and this is extremely different than being told they can have these attributes if they “try hard enough” or just “think it.”

I can imagine it’s tough for my fellow parents who send their children to school. Not knowing how or what their teacher teaches them – whether they’re being put down, being told they’re wrong multiple times, being scolded for spending more than five minutes in the restroom or outside or in the library, or being bullied by peers (or adults), or what I find even worse than all of this combined: being forced to work on things they hate over and over again.

I’m so thankful and blessed to know my kids have the opportunities in front of them, due to homeschooling, to be what they want, when they want, where they want – and let no one get in their way.

And I trust God to show them the way to their full, unique life…

Since they’re already living their authentic life, every day.

With love.

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