Embrace the Interruptions

Homeschooling means bringing your kids with you. Every day. To every situation.

This also means as life happens and throws off our routine (and our son thrives on routine), you have to not only carry out your duties as the adult, you have to provide loving guidance, instruction and explanations to your children as they go through it with you.

This is all fine and dandy in most cases. Like last week when we had no choice but to replace our older car, sitting in the repair shop and wasn’t worth fixing. This meant heading to a few car lots, dealing with car salesmen (an adventure in itself), test-driving cars, dealing with paperwork and long wait times. Thankfully our youngest was cared for so we didn’t have to drag her carseat everywhere but our son took part in the entire car search and purchase.

This week we have a family member in the hospital for major surgery. This means our routine is once again off kilter and we’re at the hospital helping care for those we love for the next few days.

All we can do as homeschooling parents is embrace these moments that require us to take a step out of our “normal.”

This is why we homeschool, after all. Isn’t it?

We homeschool so our kids can experience life… not sit inside four walls and miss it.

So while we enjoy our weekly routines, interruptions whether we enjoy them or not are always teachable moments. They bring us closer together as a family. They show us the world we live in, in different, unexpected ways.

These moments ARE life.

“Homeschooling is about doing life with your family, not doing lesson plans,” says Tamara Chilver, author of Grace for the Homeschooling Mom. “Reset your thinking to seize every opportunity that will make an impact on your child’s life for eternity. The best lessons are found in real life.

Yes life gets complicated. Yes trying to manage all the working parts when you have young children gets messy. Yes it’s harder to “do” life when your kids are right there beside you.

But you also get the chance to show them your true self. With all your thoughts, emotions, faults, joys and prayers.

Let your children witness these unruly life experiences and it seems to me they’ll be much better equipped in the future to handle similar situations as adults.

And don’t forget, please don’t forget to give yourself grace.

With love.

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