Who Are Your Kids TODAY?

So many times adults ask your children the fateful question:

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

And I, often with the purest intentions, roll this question over in my brain many times over about my children as well. Usually, I ponder these thoughts as I watch our five and one year old do something they’re passionate about.

For example, when our son plays drums or creates a book from scratch or scrutinizes his math workbooks or tells a long story or talks about helping others, it’s almost impossible to not dip my toes in future career thoughts.

But today, it hit me. Some day in the future will come far too fast. I’ll be there, not here, and think back to when our kids were following their instincts because they were pure and innocent and free.

My children are free of the burdens we face when we grow old. The pressure to provide. The pressure to conform. The pressure to do something big.

All pressures from the enemy.

Instead, my kids are enjoying discovering things for the first time – their faces in awe as they learn how to solve a problem themselves. And the thrill of “catching bad guys” or (foam) sword fighting or having dance parties in the living room.

From this day forward I promise to embrace who my children are today. Not who they might be tomorrow.

I’ll embrace my son, the drummer, the Taekwondo enthusiast, the mathematician, the maze conquerer, the storyteller, the sword fighter, the thought-provoking, empathetic, generous and gifted, hand-picked-by-God-Himself human being he is today.

And I’ll embrace my daughter, the gymnast, the jokester, the hugger, the baker, the shoe and cat and train and truck and bunny enthusiast, loving, adorable, smiling, hand-picked-by-God-Himself human being she is today as well.

Because we’re here now. We’re not anywhere else yet and it will all look so different than the bliss of the endless-possibility childhood they’re living in now.

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