The “Experts”

I refer to “experts” here in two ways.

First, there are zero homeschooling experts.

Second, there are hundreds, if not millions of experts to guide your children during their homeschooling process.

Confused yet?

The first point I want to make clear is simply there is no one on this planet who could solve all your homeschooling questions. No matter how many children this person has, no many how many parents this person has consulted with, no one is an “expert” on homeschooling.

You can read more about my second point in this post.

And I say this within the first six months of my homeschooling journey.

If someone says they’re an expert at homeschooling, they’re wrong. It doesn’t exist. It can’t.

It reminds me of when social media started becoming “the thing” in corporate marketing. I was in my corner office in one of the largest national media companies and I was the manager of our company’s social media marketing, which simply meant I managed someone who completed all of our company’s social media tasks.

I was no expert. The person I managed was no expert. But there were hundreds of so-called “social media experts” popping up everywhere in the industry.

Unfortunately, anyone who calls themselves an expert on anything, in my opinion, is a fraud. It’s impossible to be an expert in something that 1) means something different for everyone ,and 2) is constantly evolving on a daily basis.

This goes for social media. And it definitely goes for homeschooling.

There is no “one size fits all” in homeschooling. Just because we chose to Christian Unschool our kids, it’s just a way to categorize the style we choose to homeschool. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s all terminology.

So the next time someone tries to sell you something that will fix all your homeschooling needs, please refrain. You’ll most likely be happy you saved your money.

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