Homeschooling “Experts”

I refer to homeschooling experts very cautiously.

So before reading this post, please read this one first.

During my son’s Taekwondo practices I often chat it up with some of the same moms, depending on the practice time and day.

Yesterday, I ran into a mother of two boys who are a few years older than my son.

Without a doubt, almost every conversation I’m in leads to “which school does your son go to?” since we’re all in the same school district and there are over five elementary schools to choose from.

I love hearing peoples’ responses to my “we’re homeschooling” answer.

This time, the mother responded with “wow, that must be challenging. Good for you. I don’t think my kids would learn anything they needed to if I were their teacher!”

Now, in most cases, I send up a quick prayer before responding, so as not to insult or bewilder the mother but to also edify homeschooling in the same line, because for me, it’s important people understand homeschooling isn’t really that “far out.”

Thankfully, before I had the chance to respond, my daughter started acting up and I had to give a quick nod and smile before attending to her, and then class got out so that was the end of that one-way conversation.

What I was going to say, however, was that I’m not the teacher. God is.

Hebrews 13:21 says God equips the called. Not the other way around.

But beyond this, I would never consider myself the best teacher either. I plan on leaning (heavily) on others to teach and guide my children through their days. People who are experts in their field or craft.

I’d much rather my children spend quality time in the presence of these mentors, whether they be mathematicians, artist, doctors, scientists, designers, pilots or what have you…

…rather than the same teacher, day in and day out, who presumably only received a generic educational degree and spends the majority of his or her days managing their classroom.

Please understand I’m saying this with genuine concern and sadness. There are fabulous teachers who exist and I thank those teachers for lighting the fire in their children to continue a passion of learning, and guiding their kids through the alleyways to one day live their dreams.

Unfortunately, today’s day in age (and ever since institutionalized schooling began) schools are businesses. And businesses care more about their bottom line (funding, testing…etc.), than they do their children.

It’s OK if you say “not my kid’s school.” You’re simply not ready nor willing to do your research and are biased for whatever reason fits you. Again. That’s OK. Homeschooling may not always be something we do, but we’ll do our best to include our children in any decision concerning their future – including putting them in any school.

In the end, I’m saying there are hundreds, if not millions of experts to guide your children during their homeschooling process. It doesn’t have to all fall on your shoulders as the parent. Nor should it!

God created so many different people with millions of passions.

And I’d love it if my children could learn from the best of the best.

And since we’re homeschooling, I’m happy to say we’re blessed enough to have the option to pursue this, among many avenues of learning.


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