Doubting God

There are so many well-meaning people who question your decision to homeschool. And that’s OK. It’s their way of wondering whether or not they’re doing the right thing (or did) with their kids.

I ran across this Bible verse the other day: “Do all things without grumbling and fault finding and complaining [against God] and questioning and doubting [among yourselves].” ~ Philippians 2:14

Generally, I’ve personalized this verse as in “don’t complain or grumble when your husband won’t take out the trash, or your kids wake up (often) at night or this or that isn’t happening the way I thought it would.

And that’s great. It’s gotten me this far.

But when it comes to homeschooling my kids, or Christian Unschooling, it means trusting God’s will every day and not doubting what His plans are.

It also means, when people kindly ask “have you considered local Christian schools?” that they too are doubting God’s plans for us (although they don’t know it).

Now I know, never to waver. Because if I do, who am I really doubting? Myself or God?

After all, didn’t He say we can do all things through Christ? Didn’t He say He would instruct me?

Yes, He did. For nothing is impossible for him. Including our child’s education and future, in or out of school.

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