Contradicting Public Schools

If we sent our kids to public, or even some private schools (no matter how good on paper they look), we would be sending a message to our children contrary to God’s Word.

For those who think this is ridiculous, this is what I mean:

We would say “Listen to your teacher, obey your teacher’s instruction, pay attention, don’t do anything you’re not asked to do (including questioning your teachers when they’ve asked you not to).

Then, at home, we would say, “Your teacher is wrong, God created the Universe, the Bible is relevant and should be taken literally, abortion is murder, question everything, our founding fathers fought hard to create one nation, under God – not under government rules that take away your rights as a Christian, no don’t do any projects where your teacher forces you to do in regards to Islam or ISIS, no you should not be forced to give up your values/needs/interests/money for another person or group, you should give only when you feel compelled to, capitalism and a free market create competition and therefore, better jobs, wages and an overall economy, health care and school should not be free, nothing should – you are to work and toil for your life to earn your keep and be prosperous… and so forth.

I realize much of this is over a 5 year old’s head. But our world’s belief systems are being influenced by human desires, not the Lord. And if we’re to follow the Lord, we will not live of this world – including wordly schooling.rSo much for the counsel of the ungodly. Their plans and purposes are not the same as God’s.

If we said, “just sit there and ignore the classes on sexual freedom, evolution, an altered US history and globalism,” wouldn’t we really be saying “Stand with them, be inactive and submissive, don’t rock the boat or take a stand”?

We are all called by God to be a light to the world. Not of the world.

Our teachings, every day, should parallel God’s word, not contradict it.

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. ~ Isaiah 54:13

*Inspiration and some phrases for this post came from my Encouragement Along the Way homeschooling Journal, by Bobbie Howard.


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