October in a Nutshell

October was an especially great month because my sister was visiting home from South Korea for the entire month. She spent an ample amount of time with our son going hiking, exploring and teaching him about South Korea and their culture (including eating dried sardines). Blegh. However, he eats them no problem out of a can. Eeeew.

So although it was wonderful she was in town, and the great thing about homeschooling is that you can alter your schedule when the need arises, it threw us off a bit right after creating our “routine” in September.

Needless to say, it wasn’t until November that we finally were able to get back into the swing of things.

We kicked off the month with a visit to the Philip Foster Farm and House with my sister, the first settlement in Oregon to house a general store for pioneers to do business with. We toured the farm, made apple cider, ground corn, built miniature log houses and took a guided tour through an exact replica of the Philip Foster House where we watched as the guide so eloquently recounted Mr. Foster’s death (a heart attack). And pretty much the only thing my five-year-old now remembers from that day is learning about heart attacks and how they happen. (Which was totally fine, by the way, if he’s interested in learning about cardiology, human anatomy and health, then that’s fine with me!)

We also enjoyed a couple hours where the children played “old fashioned” games (like sack races) and dancing the Dosey Doe while a teenager played his fiddle.

It was a fantastic experience as we enjoyed lunch on the grounds and he was able to meet and enjoy spending time with other homeschoolers while my sister and I caught up.

The remainder of October was filled with the joys of expecting halloween including visiting pumpkin patches, corn mazes, fall crafts including carving and painting our pumpkins and creating and hanging bats in our front yard.

There was also some mini-golf, a lot of reading (which seems to be a common theme), audiobooks and games. We purchased a sight-word Bingo game, which he continues to love playing (blackout style). We also opened a Landforms and Mapping Game which he adores (and is spectacularly really good at without much assistance – naming and mapping geography areas).


Then we learned about Japan this month (and tried our hand at origami), from our Passport mail activity.


This was also the month when he started becoming obsessed with his Storybook Bible audiobook and started gearing up for presenting the stories to us on video.

We started and finished our first Boxcar Children book (and have many more to go!) And he really got into his Leapfrog Tag books (that I picked up for $10 from another homeschooling mom). He was hooked on these all month, scouring the pages for hours).

Also, more hikes, of course. Because here in Oregon, the trees light up the trails with so many brilliant autumn colors, who could resist being immersed among them?


Finally, he officially became an orange belt in TaeKwonDo and, thanks to his Trackers Earth days in SE Portland, he is now addicted to archery.



In a nutshell, October was amazing. We’re going to miss my sister because she flew back to South Korea on October 30th for another year and a half, at least. She continues to be an inspiration to my kids to travel and fulfill their dreams, if that’s what they’re called to do, of course.


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