Watch our 5-Year-Old Recite his (entire) Bible

Recently, my son has been obsessed – I mean literally obsessed – with listening to his audiobook version of the Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible. First thing in the morning, I walk by his room and hear him listening to it. When he needs “space” from his sister, he goes in and listens to it. When he’s angry and needs time to be alone, he listens to it. When he’s bored, you can find him listening to it.

So I guess it comes as no surprise to us that he can now enjoys reciting this children’s version of the Bible. He started simply enough during our morning devotionals, explaining stories to me before I could even get through my reading. He’d get tipped off with one word and say to me “I know this story mom. Here’s what happens…” And he’d go on to recount the entire story.

Sometimes he’d catch me off guard like the time he said, “I know mom! After that a great host of angels appeared and said “Glory to God.” I looked down into my devotional book reading of the day (Leading Little Ones to God) and right there were the exact words he just recounted. Word for word.

So one day we decided to record him because this was just too fun not to document. Then I realized he was going through his entire Bible, book by book. So I kept recording. At the end of each video he likes to watch what I recorded and discuss how he can improve his presentation skills.

It’s just one more reason I love Christian Unschooling: He’s had time to make an art out of his devotion to this special audiobook from the library. Looks like we might need to go ahead and buy it for him!


He’s about 1/2 way through the bible so I’ll post them all when he completes them.

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