Why Our Kids Go To Bed Early

Thankfully our extended family is used to our strange ways by now. But we often get crazy looks when we tell people our kids go to bed by 7:00pm every. single. night. Even when we have company over or attend gatherings. We’re always home in time for our kids to settle down and go to bed.

Let’s start off with routine and children. Have you ever noticed how bonkers your child gets when they’re schedule or routine is thrown off? It’s never pretty. So we like to stick to our routine and it helps the kids know what to expect.

Secondly, we love our sleep. Sleep is one of if not the most crucial aspects aside from nutrition for our bodies to maintain a healthy state. This includes our immune system, hormones and ability to handle stress. Without sleep, our health else falters.

Finally, I love my husband and I want to nurture our relationship and/or give myself some time alone at the end of what is generally a long homeschooling day (parents don’t get weekends off, remember?). When our kids go to bed on time it means we get to spend one-on-one time together, then so be it.

Do they get up a little earlier? Sure. But we love our quiet, bonding mornings at home. I’ve heard many parents say their children still rise around the same time ours do (5:30 – 6:30am) yet go to bed later than ours.

We’re not weird. We just love how happy our kids (and we) are every morning because we all got the rest we needed and we can count on it every night.

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